BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS B. Chill Hemp Honey Stick – Raw Honey and Hemp Extract



Upgrade your relaxation ritual – 100% Raw Enzymatic Honey, Hemp, MCT – BPA-free – 10ct and 5 ct


RELAXATION RITUAL: Chilling out has never been sweeter or more portable thanks to this soothing blend of raw honey and hemp extract. Whether you’re trying to decompress during a long day or you’re looking to catch some quality chill

ALL THE CHILL: Made with USA-grown hemp, our honey is non-psychoactive and contains 0% THC

MCT: B. Chill is formulated with hemp extract and MCT emulsion that maximizes bioavailability and absorption. Our innovative formula disperses the hemp extract evenly throughout our raw honey. You get a consistent boost of chill with every spoonful.

Bees and the planet are equally important to us, which is why we use BPA-free polypropylene for our honey sticks. In addition to being stable at high temperatures, this non-toxic material degrades rapidly under ultraviolet light. Seriously, if you leave a stick on the dashboard for a few weeks, it will dissolve in your hand!

HOW TO USE: Whether you prefer it old-school or contemporary, pop open a stick and squeeze it into your coffee, tea, or smoothie for on-the-go zen! 100% raw enzymatic honey, hemp extract, coconut medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), and sunflower lecithin. CONTAINS NO: artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, or egg.

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10ct, 5ct


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