Helping Improve the Overall Wellness of Pets, People and Planet

If you want to live a healthier and more blissful life together with your pets, reach out to me Lisa at All Well Beings LLC. in Smithfield, RI. I strive to bring peace, love, and happiness to animals and everyone. That is why I follow a holistic approach to enhance the health of your pet and possibly your own along the way. My services include:

  • Consultation on Animal Behavior and Nutrition
  • Consultation/Advice for People on Mediation and Acupressure for All Ailments, Including Stress, Anxiety, Pain, and Nutrition-Related Issues (Note: No Diagnosis)
  • Reiki
  • Small Animal Massage Therapy
  • Tui Na Massage Techniques

Committed to You, Your Pet, and Our Planet

Maintaining your pet’s health and your well-being along with planet health is important to me. I love reinforcing the bond between human beings and animals, and I enjoy educating people about healthy living. When you work with me, I'll create a relaxing and comfortable environment where you and your pet could relax and be treated. With my knowledge, I also provide information that you can use to continually improve your health.

Why Choose Me

Extensive Knowledge in the Industry

As a creative and competitive individual, I aim to provide the best holistic health care solutions to you and your pets. To achieve this goal, I use my expertise in:

  • Acupressure
  • Animal Behavior
  • Essential Oils
  • Bach Flowers essences
  • Human-Animal Bond
  • Pet Massage
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition, People and Pets
  • Pet Health

About Myself

Educational Background

I, Lisa, was a biology major who earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Montana State University. My Love for the field of Science inspired me to attend a lot of continuing education in various courses of animal science. With every class I take, I keep myself updated with the latest trends and newest advances in areas of health and life which I hope to share with my clients.

Through the years, I have learned a lot about human and animal bond. I was also exposed to the holistic approach to wellness, which made me realize the importance of various health and pain-relieving techniques. To expand my knowledge about the topic, I joined different programs including the TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine), veterinary technicians program and graduate technicians course of Tui Na at The Chi Institute. I  also attended schools such as the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, Doggone U. for my certification and Small Animal Massage Therapy.

I am very passionate about looking after the overall health of pets and people using natural healing methods and products. I consider holistic healing as my life’s work. Even with self-care, I consistently combine advice from my primary care physicians with recommendations from my naturopathic doctors. This allows me to achieve an optimum balance between holistic healing and traditional medicine.

Beanie and me
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Work Experience

I devote my life to the well-being of pets and humans. I strive to learn more about natural, noninvasive healing techniques for pain relief and other issues so that my clients could benefit from my knowledge.

For more than 25 years, I have been a certified veterinary technician (CVT). I received my CVT in Massachusetts but transferred my certification to  Rhode Island which is where I reside.

For more than eight years, I worked with a holistic veterinarian, who introduced me to a new way of life. I discovered the wonderful benefits of having a healthy lifestyle for myself and my pets. I became a true believer of our innate ability to heal ourselves—applying the recommendations of both naturopathic doctors and my regular physicians (primary care physician/nephrologist) to my own life.

I have been working with holistic medicine for more than 15 years. Before turning to a more conventional method, I first focus on letting the body naturally heal itself. Whenever needed, I use different techniques such as Reiki to provide relaxation and healing energies to pet lovers and their animal companions. Essential oils to help stimulate different areas of the body through smell and topical application. Acupressure to help alleviate various symptoms throughout the body. Tui Na, specific massage techniques to help many body issues. 

In addition, I have been a certified small animal massage therapist (CSAMT) since 2014. My other trainings enabled me to provide excellent pet behavior consulting services so that I can help people understand the nature of animals and the reason why they act a certain way.

Personal Experience

I always take pride in my professional and personal experiences in the field of holistic work. This enables me to help my clients work to a better life and way of living. I and my family members have experience with naturopathic doctors, and I live my life using a holistic approach with myself and my pets to great success.

I had a dog named Nyah who suffered from osteosarcoma. She had to undergo chemotherapy and have her hind leg amputated due to the pain of this disease. To complement Nyah’s treatment, I used a large variety of holistic alternatives, incorporating acupuncture, Reiki, Bach flower remedies, essential oils, and herbal supplements. I also provided Nyah with a better nutritional diet to help support her system. Because of our family's efforts, Nyah lived two and a half years longer than anyone expected. Most importantly, Nyah remained energetic and cheerful.

Inspired by Nyah’s experience, I believe that all of us—human or animal—can improve our quality of life through natural methods. Our body can do amazing things for itself under the right circumstances and in the right frame of mind. On that note, I focus on showing my clients an easier and cleaner way of living, based on my own experiences and those of others who shared this great lifestyle with me. After all, opening up to others and showing them the different aspects of my own life led me to where I am now.


Watch Nyah the 3 legged dog run like the wind.

Training and Certifications

  • Bachelor Degree of Science from Montana State University
  • A graduate of Bancroft Animal Massage
  • Canine CPR, Completion
  • Certificate From Purdue University, DOGS Course (Animal Bonding/Behavior)
  • Certificate From VetMedTeam, Behavior Consulting
  • Certificate of Completion, Reiki Level I,II Practitioner
  • Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist
  • Certified Veterinary Technician
  • Tui Na Certificate From Chi Institute


I work and consult with Dr. Danielle Paradise, VMD CVA of WestPaws Veterinary Center. Aside from that, I am affiliated with the following organizations.

  • Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association (RIVMA)
  • Rhode Island Veterinary Technician Association (RIVTA)
  • Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (SVBT)

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