Information About Holistic Approaches to Health Care

Improved Living and Independence Through a Service Dog Relationship

. Service dogs provide companionship, alleviate stress, and provide a sense of confidence and security. A person with visual impairment has less stress when crossing the street with a service dog, and a person with hearing loss receives notifications through their service animal

Head to Toe Health: Easy Strategies to Take Charge of Your Health Today

Image from Unsplash It is normal to take your health for granted, but let’s face it: we…

A Guide to Plugging Into Your Community to Help Abandoned Animals

As an animal lover, knowing that there are abandoned or neglected pets in your community can be tough. If this is a problem in your area, take action. There are many ways you can help animals in your hometown. Here are some resources to inspire you and get you started.

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The Essentials of Essential oils

What are Essential Oils? Essential oils are made from harvested plants through different methods. The compounds that…

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Essential Resources for Natural Chronic Pain Management

Have you just been diagnosed with a medical condition that leads to chronic pain? You may be wondering how to navigate your new reality.

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“Reiki” The Art of Inviting happiness

Reiki” Is a Japanese hand on energy healing technique for relaxation and stress reduction which also promotes healing. Reiki is based on the unseen “life force energy” that flows through all living things

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A Misconception of Pet Products “Made In The USA”

If it concerns you that pet food is “made in USA” then you might also be interested in where it is “sourced” or whether its ingredients are sourced in the USA.

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Raw Banana Oatmeal Cookies Vegan, Gluten-Free

These cookies are a great breakfast treat. They are the perfect way to satisfy your morning hunger…

Mushroom Coffee You Say!

Brew your own mushroom coffee with our ground coffee. Using your favorite way to brew, whether it be, pour over, drip or French press. Power on creative focus and think with Lion’s Mane.

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Vegan Tacos

I have made these tacos many times. They are very nutritious and very delicious. The walnut meat with all the spices and warmed, you could even fool the biggest of skeptics. It is something fun to share with kids while giving them a healthy alternative to processed fast food tacos.