Meditation! It’s good for the Body and Soul

There are hundreds of reasons why Meditation is good for you. People themselves can tell you how it has helped them and scientifically validated benefits to meditation.

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The Psychological Benefits of Meditation

  • Increases focus and awareness – During meditation the front part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, responsible for concentration, focus and problem solving is stimulated.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety – During meditation, our brain and nervous system go through or undergo changes that help in reducing or preventing such issues
  • Increases Positive Emotions – During meditation, we reduce stress, and get to a feeling of “calm” Calm gives us a connected power to ourselves, confidence to meet life’s challenges and a focus on those challenges. It feels good and it shows!
  • Increases Stress Resilience – Meditating on a regular basis helps our parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response) to be able to turn off our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) This trains our body to identify those triggers of stress and more rapidly recover and stabilize our system. With routine meditation, over time our brain learns to stabilize our Autonomic nervous system to regulate that fight or flight feeling and deal with the issues and challenges of our day to day lives.
  • Increases Ability to Learn – Awakening the brain’s ability to learn by stimulating the pre-frontal cortex, which the learning center of the brain, in turn, means more brainpower!
  • Increases Empathy and Compassion – Scientific studies have shown that our ability for empathy and compassion lies in the brain. Regular meditation rewires the brain in our ability to be able to consider the feelings of others and how we may be of service.
  • Increases Our Sense of Purpose – Meditating more frequently we become more aware of what we like and dislike. Routine meditation helps us to have more clarity about what is important in our lives. It gives us the confidence to go after the choices that excite our passions and diffuse distractions.
  • Improves Sociability – Meditation means taking time for you when you take time for yourself and are able to doctor nervousness, anxiety, and self-doubt and down feelings which may have hindered our ability to just “hang” with friends and people. Meditation helps us see and feel more clear and confident about what is going on in us and be able to be with others.

The Physical Health Benefits of Meditation

  • Boosts the Immune System – Meditation can decrease cortisol production a stress-induced hormone which also suppresses the immune system. Increased levels of this hormone can make us feel bad, anxious or depressed for no real reason at all.  So decreasing stress can decrease cortisol and increase our immune system thereby increasing overall wellbeing
  • Grows our Brain – Meditation increases self-control, self-awareness, memory, and attention plus a whole lot of other things too. The brain grows in both volume and thickness.  Simple really, our brains do not function without a good strong blood flow so the stronger and more steady the flow the bigger the brain.
  • Increases Serotonin and Dopamine Production – Both of these plays a huge role in how we feel. Low levels of Serotonin are known to play a big role in depression. Lower levels of Dopamine can also be attributed to depression and Parkinson.
  • Causes Muscle Relaxation – Stress can cause muscle tension and is left unchecked can lead to problems such as spinal issues, vertebrae issues, and a lack of mobility or sore and achy muscles.
  • Slows Aging Process – YAY right? When we meditate we have a large increase of Melatonin and DHEA and a decrease in Cortisol. This all can have a great impact on slowing the progression of aging!

So there you have it, a few good reasons why you should think about adding Meditation to your daily routine.

If you have an Alexa She can guide you through a guided meditation or just give you soothing background music while you meditate.

Give it a try and Good luck Happy Meditating

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